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Heart of Europe 2009, 16th-21st August Olomouc, Czech Republic


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 The Chief Judge of the tournament is Mr. John L. Wickham


Heart of Europe Debating Tournamnet 2009


I have been asked as Chief Judge for the above tournament (16-21 August) taking place at Gymnazium Hejcin in the Czech  city of Olomouc to write a brief welcome to all participants and this I am very happy to do.  First a few biographical details: I started debating when at school  in England in 1957, probably before any of you were born ! After University (where I also debated) I have taught in several schools in UK and a year in America on a Fulbright scholarship, and the last ten years as a History and Politics teacher at Hejcin, a bi-lingual selective school in the Czech Republic. I retired from there in June 2006 and now live in Liverpool. In Olomouc I was responsible for the school debating society and also for the national Czech team at tournaments in the Worlds School series from 1999 to 2005, where I was also a recognized judge.

            The tournament in August will comply in all respects with the rules and traditions of the Worlds’ series. I believe that Kuba Kadlec  (who is doing all the hard work !) has already informed teams of the draw and he is arranging accommodation etc. Please don’t hesitate to contact him with any queries. Debating is a very valuable skill (as well as a lot of fun !) and to do so in a foreign language requires considerable talent. It is important to approach the tournament with the conviction that in a debate there are no real losers – the team that doesn’t win should learn from the experienced one and take that to their next debate: a tournament should be a learning experience for all debaters.  Judges should always be available to pass on advice and tips to all debaters

            Let me add a few words about the city of Olomouc. If you put your finger in the middle of a map of Europe there is a good chance that it will be near to the city – hence the name of the Tournament – and it is a city with considerable history and several fine buildings and sights. We hope that all of you will take the opportunity to visit a few of them. I worked there for ten years and grew to regard the place as my second home (after Liverpool of course !) and now I miss it a lot, so I am looking forward very much to spending time there in August, as well, of course, as greeting you all for the tournament. If you have any questions for me my email is j.wickham@merseymail.com, I will myself be in Olomouc from 12 August.


                                      Meanwhile, enjoy your holidays, and best wishes to you all


                                                                                                 John Wickham



we already confirmed participation at HOE 2009 to teams:

Belarus Minsk
Romania AES1
Republic of Korea Baumgardener
Republic of Korea KMLA
Slovenia Slovenia A

Czech Republic   National

Belarus Minsk 2

Slovenia               Slovenia B

Romania Debatrotters
Romania AES3
Kanada Only one team
Republic of Korea Nell




To whom it may concern

On behalf  of The Debating Club Olomouc and in the capacity of chief organizer of the event I am delighted to invite teams from all countries to come to Olomouc, Czech Republic for Heart of Europe 2009 which is (most certainly) going to take place from 16th-21st August 2008 (provisional schedule below).

Heart of Europe is a world-style debating tournament opened for debaters of high schools, which on its previous occasions was extremely successful and very popular among its participants. Despite some difficulties in past years the tournament was not regularly organized but last year we returned to the tradition of hosting this fabulous event.

I believe that you appreciate the value of debating and the many skills it develops in young people, the need to research sophisticated topics of politics, science or other important matters of current interest, to work together as a team to develop and prepare their case, and to understand both sides of an argument which helps students to understand that alternative points of view are one of the main parts and the greatest strengths of a democracy.

As for the prices we are not yet sure about some of the sponsors but under any circumstances the fees should not exceed 100€ per individual (which includes six-day stay, most of the meals, transport all over the place and international friend ship night)

Please, let us know if you were interested in coming with a team (or more) BY 15th April 2009 at E-mail address heartofeurope2009@gmail.com . There are other newsletters to be distributed soon, with information about events, registration and other important matters and updates. In case of any question, contact us at the same address.





Dear coaches, judges, debaters and friends,
15th APRIL is the past. Some of you sent to us application form or let us know, that you would like to participate and that you are going to sent to us AF as soon as possible. So now I ask the rest of you, who send us some email , if you would like to participate at Heart of Europe 2009 debating tournament. If you plan to attend, please send  some message to email heartofeurope2009@gmail.com as soon as possible, with detail who and from which country plan to attend at HOE 2009. The application form should by send  by 31st May.(in attachment) With it is connected payment to our bank account 1591969001/5500, IBAN CZ2555000000001591969001 , 50 euro per team´s judge, 100 euro per debater and 100 euro per others. (the cost includes six-day stay  - accommodation for 5 nights , most of the meals -4breakfasts,2dinners,4lunches and transport all over the place, international friendship night and other activities) If it is possible, pay it please, at least by 15th June (and write in bank message who sends the money). In case you are going to pay in cash let us know. In both cases, we will give you official receipt of payment with rubber stamp at the tournament.




TH would punish Mugabe.


THBT the World Bank is an obstacle to development. 

THBT genetically modified foods are  in the public interest.

BRIC states (Brazil, Russia, India, China) are a menace to Europe.


MOTION FOR FINALS THBT subsidizing the car industry will not solve the world economic crisis.


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