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Pozvanka na Heart of Europe

We are delighted to invite teams from all countries to come to Olomouc,
Czech Republic for “Heart of Europe 2008″ which will take place from the
3rd to the 8th February 2008.

“Heart of Europe” is a world-style debating tournament, which on its
previous occasions was extremely successful and very popular among its
participants. Despite some difficulties in the past two years, we would be
glad to once again return to the tradition of hosting this fabulous event.

As for the price we are not yet sure about some of the sponsors but under
any circumstances the fees will not exceed EUR 75 per individual (this
includes a six-day stay, most of the meals and transportation).

Please let us know if you are interested in participating BY 7 December
2007. You may choose to send more than one team. There will be other
newsletters distributed soon with information regarding events,
registration and other important matters and updates.

Marek Štěpán (marrkk@atlas.cz)